The United Kingdom Sport is the nation’s agency specializing in the high performance like the Olympics and Paralympics. The sole purpose of the agency is to coordinate and distribute funds accessed from the National Lottery and Exchequer income to maximize the efficiency and performance of the athletes competing in the Olympics and Paralympics.

The success results of the ideal athletes invested are based upon how much medals they secure, many qualifications made and possible future success rate. The decision to invest in primary candidates is conducted every four years based on the foundation of an eight-year performance system.

Support added to the prospective candidates will be issued either in the form APA (Athletic Performance Awards) which is more direct funding as compared to the central funding of sports NGB’s (National Governing Bodies).

The APA is primarily funded by the National Lottery revenue. It is directly paid and given to the athletes to support their living expenses and training expenses. The latter is more focused on providing world-class training facilities and world-renowned coaching to the candidates and offers nothing but the best training regimes.

The APA system is given only based on a certain number of criteria, the athlete’s performance and capability of enhancement in prospective future. Under this system, there are three groups under which candidates are categorized.

Band “A” mainly consists of champions and medallists who have won gold medals competing in Olympics and other senior championships who are awarded around twenty-eight thousand pounds. Band” B” consists of those who have had a minimum of eight finishes at said tournaments and awarded up to twenty-one thousand pounds. Band “C” include those front-runners who have the potential to be future champions and gold medallists awarded up to fifteen thousand pounds.

Under the Central funding programme, the support scheme involves a more coaching and training oriented system. It means including the world’s best coaches, international level training to adapt to the different climates, strong science and aid, high training pieces of equipment and athletic development programmes. This scheme provided funds ranging from twenty-three thousand pounds to sixty thousand based on their performance and potential.