The Palace of Westminster or British Parliament is the apex legislation authority of the nation. The parliament is made up of two houses, namely the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They collaborate to talk on current issues, scrutiny of existing laws and passing the legislation of new ones.

Here are few things you may not have known about the Parliament

1. The British parliament is constructed over the palace of William the Conqueror. This Parliament House is built over an area of eight acres. It is composed of numerous passages, staircases, rooms, corridors, courtyards, and buildings.

2. Members of Parliament have a cloakroom where they can hang their coats attached by a purple ribbon. But that’s not all. This specific cloakroom was meant for more than just hanging coats. MP’s could hang their swords. Although MP’s were abolished from bringing swords to the House since the 1300’s, it is entirely possible a few may take advantage of this opportunity.

3. Meetings and debates are held in the House. There is an infrequent site of the Members of Parliament passing any legislation through clapping of the hands. It is observed that there are rare occurrence and view of members clapping their hands. It last occurred when Tony Blair, stepped down as Prime Minister and before leaving the Chamber for the final time, was acknowledged by a standing ovation.

4. Another interesting fact is when a new proposed law or bill is pushed to be passed for legislation. It is first sent from the House of Commons to the House of Lords written in Norman French. “Soit bail as Seigneurs” is written on it which means “Let it be sent to the House of Lords.”

5. There are officially six hundred and fifty MP’s, but unfortunately, the Chamber can house only four hundred and twenty-seven personnel. There is a somewhat unorthodox method of booking the seats that have been followed for the last four centuries. The MP’s that desire to have a seat guaranteed, are required to appear at sharp eight am in the morning and place a prayer card on the position. That’s right a prayer card. The session always begins with a prayer in the Chamber.