5 Things Trump Can Teach Us About Being a Leader

In the state of the world today, Donald Trump does not only hold an embossed role for being the United States of America’s Commander-in-Chief. Correspondingly, his virtue and protectiveness towards the countrymen has helped propel his prominence. His work is not seen as relevant by many, nonetheless if we recount the condition of the country pre and during presidency, we can surely see a booming economy.

Getting votes and earning the people’s confidence is made even more difficult, especially given that the generation today mostly anticipate and focus on the flaws of others. Donald Trump has somehow managed to breeze through and is now one of the many utmost influential people globally. A steadfast headship is a distinct quality held by Trump. Thus far and seemingly, no other person comes across as to being as daring and gutsy as he is. While the choices made by the president has undesirably affected an approximate amount of people, these verdicts were always decided on with virtue at the back of his mind. An eminent amount of his activities has furthered the nation remarkably.

Through imparting the same qualities, we as individuals can likewise improve and develop as well. Below are the five things conveyed by Donald Trump that can help couch us with regards to leadership.

1. There’s no “I” in “TEAM”.

(Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian).

Trump is known to own numerous businesses, resorts and hotels worldwide. Through maintaining such, his expertise in team building has sharpened through the years. Selecting the precise job for the precise person and distributing the work among several people—these two qualities help him regulate his immense empire, thus maintaining command and order in everything that he does.

2. Confidence is key.

You’d think that delivering speeches in public is a simple task. But really, it’s otherwise. Donald Trump so far radiates nothing but confidence and self-assurance as he delivers his speeches, successfully communicating the image of a strong leader. It is common knowledge to all that numerous scandals and allegations surround Trump, but he maintains his poise and sureness despite all that. “It’s going to be amazing!” he would often say, the line being both equivalently humble and powerful. Applying the simple yet strong line will aid us in our betterment as people.

3. Being a relevant influence in today’s day and age.

Trump’s persuasiveness as both a person and the president surely shines as he speaks, his relatable words creating impact on listeners. He is specific and does not beat-around-the-bush, making it easy for people to relate with what he speaks while encouraging the masses to support and vote for him. Through applying this in our daily lives, our self-esteem and communication skills can improve greatly.

4. Making the call and making it count.

Being the leader of one of the most prevailing countries worldwide means having a lot of responsibilities. Having a lot of responsibilities on your back involves having to efficiently decide, whether the situation is critical or light. Donald Trump certainly has the decision-making skills that are required from that of a good leader, having no room for failure. While his policies are seemingly unfeasible for some, he focuses on the bigger picture. It is a critical job, for each decision calls for different circumstances. Thus, it is vital that in doing so, the greater good is kept in mind at all costs. Trump’s decisions so far have undeniably helped the nation as a whole. Therefore, we in turn must apply this quality to furthermore improve ourselves.

5. It all boils down to working hard.

This might seem basic, but really, if you work hard everything else will follow. Donald Trump has proven that hard work will only take you so far in life. Settling for nothing but the best for the country, we too must adapt this quality from him and apply it in our daily lives.

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