Donald Trump: Strengths and Weaknesses

Before becoming the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump was a developer of real estates and a well-known reality show. Given his previous accomplishments and the massive empire that comes along with it, Trump has furthered his establishment as a resolute political dignitary. He would often express that his key role model was his father, and that he dreams to measure up to him.

Despite being the president of the United States, Trump is ever so often criticized by the media and people who believe that he is not suitable for the role. Like any other regular person, even the president possesses weaknesses and strengths. Read on to know more about the president’s fine points and flaws.

Donald Trump’s Flaws

  • High Amount of Accusations

Due to a lot of reasons, Donald Trump has constantly been on the media and people’s hit list. Some of the allegations have gravely dented Trump’s image in such a way that it made impeachment a high probability. His proposed close-ties with the Russian government during his candidacy, tax revenues, and sexual assault accusations that have currently been piling up—all of which have surely damaged the standing of the president. But amongst these, the most harmful would be the Muller statement, which may never be released publicly. The core reason behind the Trump Administration’s hiding of the files is because they are protecting the president’s reputation.

  • Distribution of Power to Family

Becoming the president has made Trump even more powerful than he originally was. But ironically, his family opens a huge gap for they are knowledgeable about the president’s secrets and truths behind closed doors. Recently, Donald Trump distributed power to his daughter Ivanka and her husband. It is believed that this influence could be more than enough to topple down Trump, thus making it one of his main weaknesses.

  • Alliances No More

It isn’t unusual that a president would gain enemies as much as he would gain power and rule. Donald Trump doesn’t only have foes outside his government, but within as well. The growing tension with Mexico with regards to the wall, the ruthless firing of his own workers—these are expected to backfire at him. Today, eight people who used to work under him have been charged with numerous crimes and arrested.

Donald Trump’s Fine Points

  • Affluence

Trump has a net worth of over $3.1 billion and has been included in the Forbes World Ranking. Excluding the fact that he is the president, Donald Trump would still be famous globally because of his financial status. Despite the backlash, the Trump empire has developed and took ownership of numerous properties inside and outside of the US.

  • Control

When a new president is elected, the entire administration is changed in the US. Through strategy and influence, the alteration of authority grew even more through the years, with Trump dismissing and hiring numerous of his own. The unhurried yet sure changeover will not only aid in the prevention of internal problems. It would also help expand his rule and business effectively.

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