Donald Trump – Ten Lessons On Financial Success

Trump—how exactly did he reach the extravagant and glamourous financial stature that he has today? Below we will provide ten quick lessons we could all learn from the business giant as we all strive to earn more in today’s toughening economy.

1. Self-Confidence Is Vital

Trump is known to have high amounts of self-confidence. Despite the backlash, this characteristic has apparently never wavered through the years. While a lot of successful leaders have this characteristic, Donald obviously exudes in it a lot more obviously. Whatever the outcome, he always sees himself as a winner. He is not halted by unstable situations since he believes that how you handle a certain issue is key above all.

2. Seeing The Bigger Picture

To boost productivity, he makes it a point to zoom out an always prioritize seeing the bigger picture. While most of us tend to focus more on specifics, Trump delegates this time-consuming task to others while keeping the whole picture of his business in mind, and his vision clear.

3. Stubborn Work Ethic

Donald Trump is known to set aside 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for work. Strictly. Time is of the essence for this guy, and to stay ahead of competitors and other businesses, he makes it a point to stay committed to this schedule, using the time to his advantage.

4. Negotiation Is Essential

While tons of people see him as being selfish, if you actually look deeper, he actually isn’t. Come to think of it, he wouldn’t have succeeded so much if he was indeed self-serving like the media says. In order to be a master negotiator, one must practice empathy and compassion. We believe that Trump possesses both which has made him the expert negotiator and winning businessman that he is today.

5. Letting Go Of Tradition

If we look a lot closer, the bulk of his success mostly roots from times where he made risky and often unorthodox decisions, decisions that were less likely to be done by man businessmen at the time. Most people would be afraid, considering the depressed market. But Trump ended up completing and sealing tons of essential deals and remained steadfast. You could say he moves the opposite way, against the crowd.

6. Sticking To A Good Mentor

It’s quite well-known that Donald has always seen his father Fred as a role model. When you look up to a mentor and remain dedicated to following their footsteps while making great business choices, you’re only bound to succeed in time. Not to mention, this saves you lots and lots of time.

7. Persistence Above All

Despite the backlash from people and the negative representation of media around him, giving up never once crossed Donald Trump’s mind. It is simply not an option. Without persistence, he wouldn’t have been able to seal various life-changing deals. But because he is persistent, he remains ahead of the competition to this day.

Like him or not, there is no denying that we could all learn quite a lot of business-oriented lessons when we think about Donald Trump. By applying these learnings, you will surely give your business the edge that it deserves.

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