Donald Trump: Worst Choices of 2018

Everyone isn’t immune to committing mistakes from time to time. Although negative at first glance, blunders do help mold the strength and stance of a nation. Donald Trump, as celebrated and superior as his role is as the United States’ president, has certainly not been resistant to the scrutinizing eyes of the public that point out his weaknesses hurriedly. His mistakes are seen in various ways, from countless places.

Donald Trump is indeed human and is also prone to making errors, much like you and me. It’s only fair to believe so. His mistakes have stunned a lot of people and henceforth displeased them in the process. There are a high number of allegations concerning Trump’s administration (which are believed to be untrue). With that being said, below are some of the confirmed and overlooked worst best hits of the president during 2018.

President Donald J. Trump . (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)
  1. Hiring Personnel for Unfit Work

Even compared to that of McDonald’s hiring policy (which requires applicants to possess specific skills), the president’s hiring process is easier. Ronny Jackson (the president’s physician), was nominated by Trump to run for the subsequent Secretary of Veterans Affairs. This was until a lot of allegations came out and surrounded him, which lead him to withdraw eventually. This is merely one of the many examples in which the president is seen to have deliberately used his authority to hire individuals that support his personal gain, instead of considering people who are more apt and suitable for the given job, this supposedly making the nation or particular sector better.

  1. Ruthless Firing Procedure

One of the presidents to date who has publicly expressed hating to fire people is Donald Trump. But beneath the statement, while he doesn’t fire them in person, he ironically helps generate tension that leads to the unavoidable resignation of a person. Through the years, Hope Hicks, Rob Porter, David Sorenson, Carl Higbie are only among the several other people who have parted ways with the Trump Administration. It isn’t certain that their departure has made the president happy, but surely the people who have left are much more happy.

  1. Trump’s Lapses in Memory

Trump has not only established himself as a daring leader, but as one of comedians’ favorite means of amusement for audiences as well. Failing to recall the name of supreme court justice, the national anthem and some words in “God Bless America”, and forgetting to attend a security meeting are some of the examples of his mistakes in 2018 alone.

  1. Melania Trump As The First Lady?

So far, as it seems, Melania Trump’s title “first lady” doesn’t align with her actions—the woman hasn’t done anything as of late that would show her real concern for the country. Standing up to social media abuse (and most people believe that she did this for her husband’s sake) was the only clear moment to all where Melania stood up and verbalized outwardly. Donald Trump is a person who would bring together people from random upbringings just so they could post tweets regarding his blunders. While to various people this would be seen as a caution light, Trump and his administration views this as harassment and abuse.

  1. Other Random Blunders in Public

Any reasonable individual wouldn’t commit the errors Donald Trump has made back in 2018 alone. It seemingly did not cross the president’s mind to shade his wife and son with the umbrella he had in hand. This happened again in October where he abandoned Melania on the lawn of the white house, bringing along with him the lone umbrella that was available at the time. In one of the many videos he has, Trump was also seen flinging an umbrella away, perhaps because he had a hard time closing it. Additionally, he was seen to have made awkward and embarrassing mistakes globally, one of them being his wig close to fully loosening from his head many times.

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