Open Letter to People of the United States of America

Today, we are confronted with an ominous moral challenge. We grasp both the threatening patterns in Donald Trump’s candidature and the many trials it presents to our society. With varying specialties, times and areas understand the continuing pleas of demagogues, the political practices of prejudice and condemning, and the imminent danger of populism. We comprehend with the expected influence these anomalies have upon a country’s conscience and the vulnerable. We are bound by historical teachings, they express opposition towards a campaign entrenched in dread and not courage, fascism and not democracy.

Most of us do not classify as activists have never played part in such a movement. History instructors, school professors, museum specialists, independent scholars and graduates—we are all unified by the confidence and opinion that Donald J. Trump poses a danger to the democracy of America.

We ponder varying views while recognizing our own subjectivity and boundaries. As we study the different concepts, interests and crusades that mold global events, our very profession prompts us to search for the benevolence in everyone. We cross-examine, our opinions are acquainted with evidence and context, and we are accountable for our sources. Blinding arrogance and ignorance, Donald Trump’s speeches, plans and social media chronicles both. Violence is in the center of Trump’s presidential campaign; violence against people and communities, against responsibility and reminiscence, against historical truths and studies.

The candidature of Trump is a strike on our very profession, the morals we abide to, the societies we serve. The “Trump University” and Trump’s disdain for evidenced-based, structured expansion are insults to the principles of the academy, be it in liberal arts or sciences. Academia isn’t the only profession threatened by Trumpism. He torments and overpowers the press and aims to have the First Amendment protections deteriorate as Commander-in-Chief. He mocks the physically disabled; non-white, woman professionals and public servants are hopelessly compromised in Trump’s eyes; journalists are singled out by him, judges disqualified just because of ethnicity. Donald Trump publicly threatens individual and judiciary judges. Female presidential contenders only triumph because of gender; the Commander-in-Chief is under cynicism, being accused as illegitimate because of heritage and skin color.

Trump’s candidacy is the most recent chapter in a troubled story many eras in the making. Civil society organizations such as the judiciary, free press, and the academy were relied on to keep the constitutional democracy safe and protected, in another era, that is. Trump cannot be exclusively blamed for this not being the case anymore in this day and age. It is from the dread of people living unsteadily, and the growing political culture of scrutiny that Donald Trump’s candidacy profits; both of which are the advent of the rise of Trump as a candidate.

It is everyone’s responsibility to fill in the gaps exposed by the Trump campaign, forming an all-encompassing civil society in return. Assemblies like Writers On Trump and Citizen Therapists are establishing in resistance of the principles in which their professions are built upon. We, along with other numerous groups, will be marching beside each other as part of the nonviolent protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. We will henceforth carry on with our work into the fall, furthermore, publishing dissertations and articles that put Trumpism into perspective historically.

A brighter future is grounded by the past, we share this common understanding and it is our obligation to share such. By doing so, the public will be equipped with historical dexterity and accounts that are truthful, precise, understandable, eloquent, valuable, and resilient to skeptical exploiters who spread poison as historical truth. A Grand Old Party sprouted from a fight for eradication will have surrendered to this toxicity by the time Trump accepts the Republican nomination on the 1st of July. “No more.” we say. Join us as we stand up to Donald J. Trump—for our past, future, and of most, one another.

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