Practices Within Astrology – Important Points To Remember

Astrology is a branch of psychology that combines the theories and practices of astrology with the knowledge and methods of psychology. While there are thousands of different theories and practices within astrology, the major ones are as follows:

The Great Circle Theory. Astrologers use the circle of constellations as a method of predicting the future and charting the birth of loved ones or the outcome of major events in their lives.

Aces are the rulers of the planets in the sign. They are the spirits that control the fate of the universe, including the sun, moon and planets.

The Golden Mean. In Astrology, it is said that the planet the Sun is in in a particular sign determines the destiny of the constellation. So the astrological chart represents a map of the future, rather than an accurate forecast of any specific event.

Some of the more interesting quotes from the book: “The sign of the zodiac is the sign of fate. There is a fixed relation of the planets to the Sun and to each other. Each star is born into an assigned constellation as the result of some accident. But in order for a constellation to exist it has to have an intelligent cause. If a constellation were formed by chance, its name would be no more than a random combination of letters from the alphabet, as, for example, the star Sirius.

But, for the constellation to exist and to be called the zodiac, the stars have to be born into a definite constellation.” “We are the astrological sign, and there are seven aspects of our existence: our material existence, the qualities we have in life, the relationship with our friends and family, and our dreams.

The planets determine our attitude, attitudes to ourselves and each other.” “If a man’s actions are not in harmony with his thoughts and feelings, there is a possibility that he will get ill. If the astrological sign is one of anxiety, then anxiety will lead to illness.

If we are the signs of the zodiac, then the seasons in the winter and the spring determine the seasons of our life.” “In order to live harmoniously and effectively with others, one has to be in harmony with the planets. It is as simple as that, as astrology is the science of the spheres, that is, of the planets themselves, not of a person.” Knowledge with regards to this never really ends, just like how the universe is infinite. This is why it is important to constantly want to know more, read more, and keep researching on latest updates online.

“Astrology can be summed up in the words of the ancient Chinese astronomer Chüeh: ‘Life is an astrological system, and astrology is astrology.’ The Chinese used to call astrology ‘the science of the planets.’ If we do not understand this science, how can we understand our relationship with our fellow human beings?” “The Zodiac , the planetary signs, and the constellations are all the products of our perception.

The planets are all manifestations of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.” “The ancient Chinese believed that the stars and constellations were symbols of our destiny, of the things which were meant to happen, to have happened, to be expected to happen. In a sense, the constellations were the living signposts of destiny.” “Every time we look up into the sky we are observing the course of the planets, and these planets are the signposts of the constellations of the heavens.

In a way, our understanding of what the planets are all about is a manifestation of our knowledge of the constellations.” “We have a responsibility as the makers of life to take care of our planet, to be conscious of its needs and to know how to fulfill its most basic needs. When we are aware of these basic needs, we will feel more connected to our planet. It is not necessary to believe in the gods and gods to find the true nature of the universe and life itself. When we are willing to take responsibility, we are able to be at peace with ourselves and with all life.”

If I had to choose one word to describe the relationship between our solar system and the cosmos, it would be this. What’s your view on the universe as a whole? Are the planets just “our” little star, or do they share something else with us, as well? How do you define the relationship between the planet and the universe?

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