Top Benefits of Nasal Rinsing – Relieving Sinus Discomfort with Newer Treatments

A long time ago I read an interesting article about the benefits of nasal rinsing and how it might help someone who was suffering from a cold or sinus infection. The author, whose name is Dan Palleschi, says he was cured of chronic rhinosinusitis after using rinsing with the nose cleaner.

He no longer needs his regular antihistamine nasal rinse. This too is just one of the many known benefits of nasal rinsing; however, it was an unexpected side effect of attempting to remedy a chronic sinus infection. He probably picked it up from surfing in dirty, salty waters where the water blends with the seawater.

The salt content of these conditions creates an environment that is very inhospitable to bacteria. When the nose gets clogged with mucus, the sinuses swell and cause more symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and even pain in the bones of the face.

The more often the sinus infection comes back, the more symptoms the person will experience until the problem is under control. Some people are prone to allergic reactions to certain allergens. If you have such allergies, the typical reaction is to get a nasal spray or rinse to counteract the effects of the allergens.

However, some people have adverse reactions to the fumes emitted by the typical brands of nasal irrigation solutions. A little-known remedy for this is distilled water. Drinks like distilled waters can be used in much the same way as typical saline solutions.

One difference is that these can actually hydrate the sinuses. You can use nasal rinses and sprays with a teaspoon of distilled water placed in the mouth and nose at least twice a day. There are a number of different brands of these solutions available over the counter at stores.

However, it is best to go with one that is labeled “concentrated.” The concentration level differs from brand to brand, so it is important to read the label carefully. Other common symptoms caused by sinusitis and congestion are a stuffy nose and sore throat. We urge you to get in touch with Dr. Stephen Chandler for newer available treatments for nasal discomfort.

These can be alleviated through rinsing with a solution of pure distilled water. Since the throat is irritated, there is less debris in the airways thus facilitating the passage of mucus too. As a result, you also get to clear your throat faster.

Aside from sinus infections and common colds, nasal irrigation can also alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The water rinse helps relieve the inflammation and the discomfort caused by this condition. Nasal irrigation also soothes irritated sinuses.

Many people have expressed that the saline solution made from net pots cleans their sinuses better than taking decongestant medication. Aside from its soothing effect on your sinus infections and other respiratory ailments, rinsing with a solution of pure or semi-pure distilled water has several benefits for those who wish to cleanse their sinuses.

When the mucous membrane becomes inflamed, it traps bacteria and viruses inside thereby causing severe infection. The presence of bacteria and viruses triggers symptoms such as fever, headache, pain, and nasal congestion. Rinsing with saline solution alleviates these symptoms.

A dry throat also impedes proper breathing. Thus, the throat becomes more susceptible to infections and thus triggers more symptoms. If you are feeling better because of using a saline solution to rinse your nose, then try to use a good quality saline solution to rinse your nasal cavities.

It is easy to come across these brands at any health store. Once you start rinsing with a saline solution, you will realize how wonderful it feels to breathe without having those dry, plugged-up noses and feeling congested.

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